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Park of Wilson - Palm house A park of Wilson is a strongly afforested area. To 1925 he served as the Urban botanic garden.
The park consists of two parts: noon and north.
Noon, with ponds, artificial hills and the rockery, is held in the style English, imitating the wild nature.
North, adjoining to the palm house in the style French, being characterized by a geometrical layout of paths and the flora.
In the palm house we can admire the rich flora of different climatic zones. Impressions will make rich sounds of live birds, the noise of water and aquaria full of exotic fish.

Botanic garden The Poznań botanic garden is finding the botanic garden oneself in the west part of the city. It is open for the audience from 1.05 to 31.10, from 9.00 up to the dusk.
The admission for visitors is free of charge what is a sensation in the scale of Polish botanic gardens.
The total surface of the Garden is a ca 22 ha. In 2001 Dr. Karol Węglarski took over the executive committee of the Garden. A modern research and teaching base was organized as well as a reconstruction of plant exhibitions took place for the purposes of didactics and the general-social natural education.
Numerous teaching paths came into existence along with the row of notices board

Municipal Stadium Football Stadium in Poznan. The stadium is a property of the city of Poznan. At present football clubs are using him Lech Poznań and the Warta Poznan.
In 2012
it was an arena of gameses of the European championships in the football. 20 September 2010 official opening the stadium took place (of the first arena in Poland put into operation of championships)

Stary Rynek - Town hall Marketplace - the town hall for many years constituted the Market communications centre of the city, and here a registered office of the city hall fit into 1945. He is performing the commercial function from his formation until today.
It is the third market as for the size in Poland and one from biggest in Europe. Recognised too one from most beautiful in the country.
A town hall, an urban weight, a draper's hall, stalls, bread benches, bloodbaths were put in the central part of the market and then also an arsenal and the guardroom.
It is covering an area of 2 hectares and about the side 141 flat is almost a regular square.
With autumn 2010 in the south-west corner table of the Market they bedded, with the thought about blind persons, his three-dimensional, metal model. It contains descriptions
of individual buildings with the Braille alphabet, she is installed on the special table and 80 is measuring on 80 cm. Roman Kosmala is an author of work
Apart from charming tenements, about the shape of the marketplace also a town hall and an urban weight are deciding, guardroom, palaces Mielżyńskich and Działyńskich, houses budnicze with arcades, Bamberki monument, four fountains - of Prozerpiny, Mars, Apollo and the Neptune - whether the whipping post and the monument St Jan Nepomucen, a favourite hang-out of Poznańs dweller.
The town hall, built by Quadro Jan Babtisto from Lugano is a zero-category national monument UNESCO.
Living on the market is in progress in dzien and at night. An unusual atmosphere is prevailing.
There is a plenty of places, where it is possible to dance, to listen to the good music, to see a match or simply to drink the delicious coffee

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